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When school is out for the summer, you “betta” believe PetSmart is the place to be. By joining one of our immersive, early career programs, you’ll be prepared to dive right into a fulfilling career!


Career paths

Whatever your major, you'll use your education and skill set to help make a positive impact on pets and pet parents.

Relocation and Housing Available

PetSmart offers interns pet-friendly, furnished housing accommodations in proximity to our home office. Qualifying students will also receive a monetary stipend that will assist you in getting to and from Phoenix. Additional details will be provided to those students who meet requirement.

Development Opportunities

Take part in developmental sessions covering topics such as public speaking, via our Toastmasters on-campus leaders, wellness & work activities and more! We aim for your time in Phoenix to aid in developing you both personally and professionally.

And some fun too, of course!

From being able to bring your pet to work, remember – housing is pet-friendly – to fun, team-building activities, #LifeAtPetSmart is the place to be! Scroll down to see what some of our past interns and rotational associates have to say!.


Recruitment efforts begin once schools are in session & career fairs begin in September. The interview process includes an initial interview & if selected, progresses to a 2nd round final interview conducted by leaders & teammates within the respective department. We make every effort to be as expeditious as possible, please be mindful that a real person will review each application, not AI. Once our internship roles are live, you’re able to submit your application directly on this site.


Here at PetSmart, we’re all rooting for you! You’ll receive exposure to Senior Leadership across the organization, and also be assigned a dedicated Manager, to support your projects & development efforts, as well as a dedicated Mentor, who will be there to assist in anything from showing you how things operate at home office, as well as those little things like getting connected to the right printer, navigating all the little questions or information support for you all summer long. 

Pick Your Passion

Internships are available in a variety of areas, including in IT, Merchandising, Buying, Supply Chain, Human Resources, Finance, Marketing, & more. Working cross-functionally is part of #LifeAtPetSmart, so you can count on being exposed to cross-functional business partners & peers who will help you succeed.

Impact the Business

PetSmart interns are empowered to apply their studies to multiple projects while bringing their unique perspectives to the company. Several of the program’s alumni recommendations have been implemented, proving continued efficiencies & streamlined processes within the offices, Distribution Centers, and PetSmart stores.

Digital Rotational Program

Through this 11-month program, you’ll gain a keen understanding of all things digital and work with teams such as Digital Merchandising, omni channel operations, digital product and UX, as well as analytics and business management. Aimed at focusing solely on our pet-parent’s digital experience, you’ll get an opportunity to make business-impactful recommendations, all while building up your tool kit for your future role.

Hear from our PAW-some Alumni

Emily V.

on her #LifeAtPetSmart | Merchant Trainee | 2021/22 Summer Intern

“Prior to joining PetSmart full-time as a Merchant Trainee, I completed two internship rotations at PetSmart. During my first internship, I had the most wonderful manager ever. Now over two years later in my full-time role, she is my Senior Director. I feel so lucky to have had someone like her support me over the years and give advice.“

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Gabby B.

on Why she chose PetSmart – Big Data Bench Associate – 2021/22 Summer Intern

“I decided I wanted to work at PetSmart because of their strong passion for pets and people, their clear culture of belonging, their ability to maintain positivity even in stressful circumstances, and their outstanding internship program in which I had an unforgettable experience. My #LifeAtPetSmart thus far has been fun, rewarding, and exciting. I'm learning so much every day and truly enjoy coming into work. Every day is both a new challenge and new opportunity for me.”

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Megan M.

on staying curious | Lead HR Business Partner | 2017 Summer Intern

“Since starting at PetSmart full-time, my #LifeAtPetSmart has been more incredible than I could have ever imagined, and more different than I would have imagined when I was an intern! I would have never guessed that I would be in the position I am today or have been able to predict the journey my career path has taken so far. And I wouldn't change a single thing! Especially with a career, which will likely span decades, being able to find the purpose in each of your career steps is paramount. The best advice I have ever received is to stay open to new experiences, curious, and a strong team player. With those factors and being early in your career, you are bound to be set-up for long-term success.”

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Ryan T.

on asking for what you need | Demand Planner, MFIA | 2021 Summer Intern & Supply Chain Rotational Analyst

“Knowing that PetSmart offered rotational programs to new college graduates made my decision to join PetSmart so easy. I knew I wanted the opportunity to explore different areas of the business to try and help me navigate the beginning of my professional career. Like the saying goes, you don't know what you don't know; but being in a rotational program allowed me to gain insight and knowledge about a variety of areas and helped me to make sure I was aligning my interests with my work.”

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Shlok W.

on Paying it Forward | Big Data Engineer | 2020 Summer Intern

“My full circle moment was when I was able to mentor and help new interns as they come through PetSmart and getting to see their journeys from the very beginning. Just this year alone, one of the summer interns that I mentored is now on my team full-time and it’s been great seeing her excel in her role. I define this success as not just a checkmark on my mentorship bucket list, but also a testament to how PetSmart values the incredible potential that comes through the internship program. Knowing that I played a role in her journey is beyond rewarding.”

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Spencer W.

on Relocation Assistance Support | Merchant Trainee | 2022 Summer Intern

“I relocated for my internship and full-time role. The relocation assistance was a big part of my decision making. Without it, I would have struggled to be able to move. Having a professional moving company move all my things was the biggest part of it for me because I had a lot of stuff, and it would have been very expensive for me coming straight out of graduation.”

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Abigail N.

on Why she chose PetSmart | Demand Planner | 2021 Summer Intern & former Merchant Trainee

PetSmart's culture and inclusive environment really stood out to me. I felt excited and comfortable starting my career with a company that has such a focus on early career development, and the fact that I get to bring my dog to work with me every day of course.”

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