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When school is out, you “betta” believe PetSmart is the place to be. By joining one of our immersive programs, you'll be prepared to dive right into a fulfilling career!

career pathing

Whatever your major, you'll use your education and skill set to help make a positive impact on pets and pet parents.

Learn About PetSmart

Discover more about how we bring our mission to life. You’ll participate in insightful and informative panel discussions with business leaders and past interns.

Learn About Retail

Learn all about the retail industry, including the product lifecycle, supply chain operations and how to create exceptional customer experiences.

Leadership Support

You’ll have a manager available to work with day-to-day and a dedicated mentor to guide you through the summer. Of course, all of our teams are there to help, as well!


We’re sorry, applications are now closed for summer 2021, but check out our Summer Experience! Our application process for 2022 summer interns begins September 2021.

Pick Your Passion

Internships are available in most departments, including Information Technology, Merchandising, Marketing, Supply Chain, Human Resources, Finance, Product Development and more.

Business Impact

You'll spend your summer working on multiple projects that have a real impact on the company, and during your last week, you’ll present to members of our senior leadership team.

hear from interns and trainees


Incoming 2021 Customer Experience Trainee

"PetSmart has continually proven their dedication to educating students and helping us grow. Moreover, the company cares about all associates and customers, and their communication and business practices stand as a testament to that."


Incoming CE Trainee, former PetSmart Intern

“I was a part of the virtual PetSmart internship during the summer of 2020. PetSmart was able to pivot and give a virtual summer experience to the intern class where we were able to learn more about each department of the company, chat with VP’s across the whole organization and understand how a large retail organization dealt with COVID-19 complications. I got the opportunity to learn from so many individuals and I can’t wait to use what I learned this past summer in my career.”


Incoming Merchant Trainee, former PetSmart Intern and Summer Experience attendee

“PetSmart internship program was AMAZING to say the least! Their teams and leaders were able to provide an enriching experience for students. My favorite part was getting to chat with CEO J.K. Symancyk and ask him how he defines leadership within his role. We had many opportunities to speak with PetSmart's industry leaders in various departments, gain valuable insight into the 'COVID-19-changing retail space' and learn how PetSmart creates an inclusive environment. #LifeAtPetSmart is pretty PAWsome!"


Incoming 2021 Supply Chain Intern

"I choose PetSmart because I want to work with a great company that serves the best type of clients: the ones with paws!"

Reid (and McAfee!)

Incoming 2021 Industrial Designer Intern

“PetSmart is a company dedicated to doing good by strengthening communities and spreading unconditional love. I look forward to working with a team committed to creating a world where everyone can live out loud, with authenticity.”

Alexa (and Ruby!)

Incoming 2021 Supply Chain Industrial Engineer Intern

"I truly feel PetSmart is a company that will challenge, support and value me both professionally and personally. I'm very excited for the opportunity to learn and work somewhere that values people, the planet and pets just as much as I do!"


Incoming 2021 CE Trainee

"I chose PetSmart because I never got to have a pet growing up! It's inspired me to see through the eyes of countless friends and family and really treasure the relationships they shared with their dog, cat, fish, reptile and everything in between. I love that PetSmart truly cares about growing your career and giving back to the community with foundations like PetSmart Charities. That's why I can't wait to join the pack at PetSmart and help deepen the relationship for all pets and pet parents!"

Chris (and Sasha!)

Program Trainee

"PetSmart's Summer Internship was OUTSTANDING! The Emerging Talent and Leadership teams were flexible and provided interns with an engaging and insightful virtual experience that was jam-packed with info and fun! I loved learning more about PetSmart's various business units and talking with leaders and VP's from across the organization. I am so excited to be returning to PetSmart to join the #LifeAtPetSmart pack!"


Big Data Engineer at PetSmart and former IT Customer Data Analyst Intern

"Having a mentor was one of the key factors that helped me throughout my time at PetSmart as an Intern! My mentor, Matt, guided me like I was a part of his team and let me learn in a very unique way."



of projects are presented to senior leadership, along with a chance to hear from J.K. Symancyk himself



in Phoenix during the summer. But don't worry, it's a dry heat!



hours of volunteering in the Phoenix community



of our interns accept full-time positions with us

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