Associate Privacy Policy


To provide notice to Associates regarding PetSmart’s policy for the collection, use, and disclosure of Associate personal information.


This Policy applies to PetSmart and PetSmart Charities (“PetSmart,” “we,” “us,” or “our”). For the purposes of this Policy, “Associate” means any current PetSmart employee, former employee, or employee applicant, or current PetSmart contractor, former contractor, or contractor applicant (“you” or “your”). “Personal information” means information that identifies or could reasonably be linked to a particular Associate. This Policy applies to our collection, use, and disclosure of Associates’ personal information and does not apply to information that is not personal information under applicable laws.

Where we refer to “employment” in this Policy, we do so for convenience only, and this should in no way be interpreted as purporting to confer employment status on non- employees to whom this Policy also applies. This Policy does not form part of any contract of employment, does not confer any employment status or contractual right on any Associate, and does not place any contractual obligation on us.

This Policy does not cover our processing of personal information collected from you as a PetSmart customer or visitor of our websites or mobile app. To learn more about our privacy practices in those cases, please see the PetSmart Privacy Policy.

In some cases, you may provide personal information to third parties that we work with, such as when you voluntarily sign up for certain services or benefits programs provided by third parties to our Associates. By participating in these services or benefits programs, you understand that the information you provide to the third parties is not under our control and is not subject to this Policy. Please refer to the privacy policies of those third parties before providing them with your personal information.


Categories of Personal Information Collected

PetSmart collects, and has collected in the preceding 12 months, personal information about our Associates to establish, manage, and conclude the employment relationship. For example, we may collect the following types of information:

Monitoring: We reserve the right to monitor the use of our premises, equipment, devices, computers, network, applications, software, and similar assets and resources. In the event monitoring occurs, it may result in the collection of personal information about you. Some PetSmart facilities are equipped with surveillance equipment, such as cameras and CCTV, which may capture your image or information about your movements and which may be used to protect the safety of PetSmart staff, visitors, and property, to monitor and troubleshoot issues with equipment or technology, or otherwise for any lawful purpose. In addition, all telephone conversations or transmissions, electronic mail or transmissions, or internet access or usage by Associates by any electronic device or system, including but not limited to the use of a computer, telephone, wire, radio, or electromagnetic, photoelectronic, or photo-optical systems may be monitored at any time by any lawful means. This is not meant to suggest that PetSmart will in fact monitor all Associates, but to alert you that, when using PetSmart equipment and resources, you should not have any expectations of privacy related to your use of PetSmart equipment or resources. We will treat any personal information generated by this monitoring in accordance with this Policy.

Sensitive Personal Information: In some cases, we may collect sensitive personal information about you, which requires a higher level of protection. Please note that, where permitted by law, we may collect, store, and use sensitive personal information about you, including race, ethnicity, veteran status, sexual orientation, sex, gender, age, marital status, disability status, and health and medical conditions. We collect this information for specific purposes, such as to accommodate a disability or illness, comply with legal obligations such as anti- discrimination or diversity regulations (where applicable), protect the health and safety of our employees, and facilitate internal programs and initiatives relating to diversity, equity, inclusion, and anti-discrimination. We only use sensitive personal information for the purposes set out in this Policy, or as otherwise described to you at the time the information is collected, and in accordance with applicable law.

Categories of Sources From Which Personal Information is Collected

We collect personal information from a variety of sources, including:

We may also receive information about Associates through authorized medical assessments, legal bodies, and third-party recruitment job posting sources.

Purposes for Collecting, Using, and Disclosing Personal Information

We may, at any time, collect, use, and disclose Associate personal information for purposes related to establishing, maintaining, and concluding the employment relationship, including for the following example purposes of:

Categories of Third Parties to Which Personal Information is Disclosed

We may disclose or transfer Associate personal information internally to PetSmart Associates and affiliates who need to know the information, including human resources, payroll, and information technology departments.

We may also disclose your personal information to service providers retained to administer or provide products, services, or information on our behalf. Any measures we may use to protect Associates’ personal information are subject to the legal requirements of any foreign jurisdictions where the personal information may be transferred or disclosed, for example the United States or Canada. Examples of the third parties to whom personal information may be disclosed include:

We may also disclose aggregated or de-identified information, which cannot reasonably be used to identify you.

Data Retention

We retain personal information according to the PetSmart Privacy Policy PetSmart's Enterprise Records Retention Schedule for business, tax, and legal reasons. For example, we retain personal information in accordance with our obligations under applicable labor and employment law and as necessary to administer and carry out the employment relationship and our post- employment obligations, including complying with our legal obligations, resolving disputes, and as necessary for our legitimate interests.

Your Consent

PetSmart collects, uses, and discloses Associate personal information as described in this Policy or, to the extent that consent is required by applicable laws, with Associate consent. Consent may be express or implied depending on the circumstances and the sensitivity of the personal information. Your acceptance or continuation of employment with PetSmart will, in most cases, constitute consent for collection, use, and disclosure of certain personal information as described above. When you provide us with personal information, we will assume that you consent to the collection, use and disclosure of your personal information for the purposes identified in this Policy, if applicable, or otherwise at the time of collection.

Your Responsibilities

During your employment, you may acquire certain confidential information about, without limitation, Associates, our customers, PetSmart systems, financial data, vendors, suppliers, marketing programs or strategies, training programs, or merchandising programs (collectively “confidential information”), and some of that confidential information may be personal information.

Confidential information and personal information may be protected by laws that prohibit the unauthorized collection, use, or disclosure of the information. You agree that, as a condition of employment with PetSmart, you will maintain the confidentiality of all confidential information and personal information and will not disclose it to others except to perform your duties for PetSmart and in accordance with applicable laws. Any breach of your responsibilities may result in disciplinary measures, up to and including the termination of employment.

If, during your employment, you do not understand or are uncertain about your responsibilities, you may speak with your leader, Human Resources, or any of the resources listed in the Open Door Policy.

Security and Accuracy of Personal Information

We employ information security practices, including physical measures (such as locked offices and filing cabinets), organizational measures (such as restricted access and security clearances), and technological measures (such as computer passwords) to protect personal information from unauthorized access. It is important to keep personal information accurate and up-to-date, particularly information required to process payroll and benefits. Associates should promptly update any change in personal information (address, phone number, email address, family status, etc.) through the HR Connect Employee Self-Service.

California Privacy Rights

PetSmart does not “sell” or “share” your personal information, as those terms are defined under privacy laws, and has not done so in the past 12 months.

California residents may have the following rights:

Access. You may have the right to request access to the specific pieces of personal information we have collected about you.

Correction. You may have the right to request that we correct inaccurate information that we maintain about you. As always, you can see and update certain inaccurate personal information at any time through HR Connect Employee Self-Service.

Deletion. You may have the right to request deletion of your personal information we have collected about you (subject to exceptions). After honoring your deletion request, we may retain personal information that is necessary for us to fulfill our legal obligations or that is not otherwise subject to deletion under applicable law. For example, we may keep personal information that is necessary to provide employment or contractor services, detect security problems, or to comply with laws.

Appeal. You may have the right to appeal a denial of your request to access, correct, or delete your personal information.

Limit use and disclosure of sensitive personal information. YWe do not use or disclose sensitive personal information to infer characteristics.

Authorized Agent. You may designate, through a power of attorney or in writing, an authorized agent to access and control your personal information. Authorized agents may contact us through one of the methods listed below to request to access and control your personal information. Before accepting such a request from an agent, we will need you to verify your identity directly with us, and we require the agent to provide proof you have authorized it to act on your behalf via a valid power of attorney or other documentation demonstrating the agent’s authority to access and control your personal information. This can be a letter or other documentation signed by you authorizing the agent to access and control your personal information.

Nondiscrimination. PetSmart never discriminates against anyone for making privacy requests.

Exercising Your Rights. You may make a rights request by calling HR Shared Services at 1- 866-263-8411 or emailing We may deny your request for any reason permitted or required by law. Questions, requests, or complaints about our personal information practices may also be directed to your leader, Human Resources, or any of the resources listed in the Open Door Policy.

To respect your privacy and security, we must verify your identity before we can give you access to, correct, or delete, your personal data.

To verify your identity, we will need information from you, like your email address and phone number. You may have to share your U.S. driver’s license, state ID, or passport, along with a current digital photo of your face so we can ensure the photo ID truly belongs to you. We may also request additional personal data to validate your employment. Please follow the instructions provided when you submit your rights request.


All knowledge of attempted or actual data theft or loss of Associates’ personal information, or violations of this policy, must be reported immediately through a Speak Up resource as outlined in our Code of Ethics and Integrity.

Changes to this Policy

PetSmart may, in its sole discretion, modify, add to, or discontinue portions of this Policy at any time, subject to applicable law.