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From helping a child pick a toy for their first pet to guiding new pet parents through the many available food options, these are the moments that matter at PetSmart.

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Taking Care of Pets

Tap into your teamwork mentality and your great love of animals to get pets and parents what they need—and deliver the kind of care that brings true peace of mind.

Helping Customers

Engage in moments that matter — help a child pick out their first pet, show worried pet parents how to help their best friend feel better, or teach a pup a new trick.

Leading Teams

We are just as passionate about people as we are about pets! The hard work, dedication and passion of our associates propel PetSmart forward.

Leading Stores

Oversee all aspects of our retail store from head-to-tail. Take pride in knowing that you're making a real difference for associates, pet parents and the pets in our care.

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In a store as big as ours, we need all hands (and paws, wings and fins!) on deck to ensure we are operating efficiently. Choose the way you'd like to make an impact!

Pet Trainer

Lead the pack (well, a class of pets) by helping guide pet parents through helpful lessons about all the stages of their pets' lives. First, you'll complete our Pet Training Instructor Accreditation and then begin leading our Pet Training Programs.

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associate stories

Jade (with her demo dog, Vienna!)

Pet Trainer

"I used to take classes with my Parson Russell Terrier at PetSmart when I was 12. Little did I know I’d teach these classes in 12 years. Our curriculum may have changed, but my interest in training has only grown and developed. I’m also a lot better at leash walking now, as I’m sure my clients could attest to."


Store Leader

"Day 1, to year 22 has a lot of stories. Our business, our people and our daily routine have changed. I’m grateful for every experience, every moment & every person that created a memory. But on a personal note, I’m grateful for a District Leader who never let me doubt myself, never let me settle for 2nd & who challenges my teams through the most challenging times! I’m proud to work for a company that has grown to be this amazing place & become my home."


Store Leader

"PetSmart has been a career that I’m extremely inspired and humbled to be a part of.  It is a place where I can truly be my authentic self, a place that empowers me to pay it forward with both my team and the community that we serve, and a place that encourages me to participate in both personal & professional growth."

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Pet Trainer

"It really means a lot to me that I am recognized for all of my hard work. I am the Associate of the Quarter, which means I am the associate of my entire DISTRICT, not just my store. I’m SO excited! I love what I do, and will push hard to continue building the bond between pets and pet parents."


Store Leader

PetSmart allows me to share my wealth of knowledge and use it help others grow. PetSmart has brought forth many challenges that have allowed me to rethink the way I see things and continue to shape myself into the person that I want to be. PetSmart encourages my team and me to take chances and learn from them.“

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Store Leader

"The reason I love working at PetSmart is because of the work I get to do. I get to work with animals and great people and make a positive impact on their lives. Leadership at PetSmart is very supportive at every aspect of my work. My direct district leader motivates me to do my best and really makes me feel like I am part of the team."


Store Leader

"I love the relationships I have built with not only my teams, but pets and pet parents I have worked with. I have learned the importance of being an empathetic leader, especially when the business and environment is constantly changing."


Assistant Store Leader

I am a proud Assistant Store Leader. My team is amazing and I’ve never loved a job so much in my 18 years in retail. I’ve been looking for a job where I belong my whole life and finally found it at PetSmart. I love this company so much! I’ve never been so happy to go to work every day.


Store Leader

After 19 years I can still say I love my #lifeatpetsmart. To me, a job is more than a paycheck. I do it because of my passion for pets and people, and because of the people I surround myself with every day.

every year, we sell...



toys per year (nearly 15K toys per hour) and enough leashes to span the U.S. twice



crickets (that's a lot of hopping!)



pounds of pet food— the weight of 4,300 blue whales or 2 aircraft carriers



tons of cat litter (making the world a much less stinky place!)

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