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Sami — 12 years, 8 roles
Currently Project Manager of Services Solutions

  1. Tell us about your PetSmart career path. It’s been quite a journey. I started as a part-time bather while I was in school. Fun fact: PetSmart is the first and only job I’ve ever had!
  2. What was the first step to Phoenix Home Office? My first step to PHO was being recognized for hard work and successfully building/running my grooming salon and PetsHotel. I made sure to network to ensure that I set myself and my associates up for all the opportunities available at PetSmart.
  3. What is a lesson you learned working in the store that you still use today? The lesson I learned from working in the store is don’t ever forget who will be affected by the decisions you make. Our field associates are some of the hardest-working, passionate people and we build our solutions with that in mind. Also, never forget where you came from and who made you who you are today.

Sabrina — 7 years, 6 roles
Currently Assistant Buyer for pet apparel

  1. Tell us about your career path. I started as a part-time cashier while working at another job. I loved it, have been able to get leadership positions and eventually move to the Phoenix Home Office.
  2. What keeps you engaged? I love this company and all it stands for with the people and pets. And I want it to be a success, for both our amazing associates in the stores and for the pets. The pets are the most important thing, but without knowledgeable associates, our products mean little to nothing. We need to keep stores in mind with everything we do and make everything engaging and exciting while we develop our long-term strategies.
  3. What is a lesson you learned working in the store that you still use today? I learned a lot of my people skills through retail. Bringing my personal experience and insight has really been a key factor in conversations in merchandising. I keep in contact with a lot of my store associates and am able to ask them questions about how our product is doing.

Michael — 11 years, 6 roles
Currently Manager of Services Quality and Education

  1. What interested you in working at PetSmart? I started as a PetsHotel Leader. I originally gained interest in working here when my boxer Zoie and I would shop at the local PetSmart. I could sense and feel that associates working there LOVED being there and they genuinely wanted to get to build a relationship with Zoie and me. That connection aligned with my core values.
  2. What is a lesson you learned working in the store that you still use today? Change management. I learned early on in my retail/restaurant career that things are always changing and evolving, which requires flexibility and openness on my behalf.
  3. What keeps you engaged? My direct reports. I’m striving to make a difference in the lives of my associates by challenging them to think more globally, proactively and—no matter what success follows them—always be a student and coachable.

Dustin — 12 years, 7 roles
Currently Sr. Director, Store Operations

  1. Tell me about your journey with PetSmart–from your start with the company, your progression, and your role today. I was hired as an assistant store leader when I first started and was promoted to a Store Leader about six months later. I’ve had various roles in the home office and am currently the Sr. Director of Store Operations, where I oversee our process improvement, In-store Experience and Associate Engagement/Communication teams.
  2. What’s one lesson you’ve carried over from your time in the stores? That no one knows more than the person doing the job day in and day out. It is easy get caught up in what we think the right thing to do is for the stores, however, even to this day, I still find the store feedback the most valuable insight I can obtain before making a decision.
  3. What keeps you engaged? The culture of PetSmart and my team. To come to work every day knowing that what we do really makes a positive impact on people and pets makes it easy to stay engaged every day.