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Careers at SSG

Whether you're an experienced professional or recently graduated, our corporate office offers a wide array of challenging and rewarding careers. Click each heading to learn more or search for available positions.

Business Development

Are you a big thinker who likes creative problem-solving? Do you move at a pace of 1,000 miles an hour? If so, PetSmart Business Development may be the right place for you to share your talents to help improve our business. This group is looking for people who can help them succeed in three key areas:

  • Developing and executing new business ideas
  • Improving our current way of doing business – making our existing business and ideas even better
  • Leading strategic planning for the company and senior management

In short, Business Development associates analyze data about the company, consumers and trends. They're responsible for understanding the state of the retail and pet services industry and help keep everyone at PetSmart apprised of what's happening globally.

What's it like to work in the Business Development department?

Working in the Business Development department at PetSmart is fun. Associates work on a variety of projects that get tangible results. Walk past the Business Development group on any given day and you'll encounter plenty of brainstorming and collaboration.

Each day, these folks are tasked with creating, inventing and implementing—so the periods of tremendous creativity are balanced by the need to get things done. At times, project management is the most important activity.

Looking to join the Business Development team?

Business Development candidates need to understand brands, companies and strategy. You must also be prepared to roll up your sleeves to manage the ideas and projects PetSmart decides to move forward with.

As a PetSmart Business Development candidate, you should be professional and well-versed at building relationships. After all, associates on this team interact with the senior team frequently. If you're hoping to join this team, you'll need to be comfortable juggling projects.

Business Development Candidates must be able to:

  • Analyze data
  • Work well with others
  • Build relationships
  • Conceptualize new ideas and convey them to others
  • Understand basic financial concepts
  • Deal with complexity
  • Pull together company resources and act as the glue that ties everything together in the interest of completing a project

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PetSmart Charities is the heart of PetSmart. Each day they put their hearts into achieving this lofty goal: a lifelong, loving home for every pet. This team raises funds that are granted to qualifying animal welfare organizations in the U.S. and Canada. And they've been very successful at it: PetSmart Charities leads the nation in the contributing funds to animal welfare organizations.

In partnership with PetSmart and local animal welfare organizations, PetSmart Charities helps find a home for one pet every 60 seconds through the in-store adoption program. This makes PetSmart Charities the largest facilitator of adoptions in the country. PetSmart Charities is a rapidly-growing area and team members are encouraged to take advantage of training opportunities.

What's it like to work in PetSmart Charities?

Associates on this team have a deep passion for their mission and take satisfaction in knowing they make a difference in the lives of homeless pets every day. The department's culture is collaborative and relaxed – and their work is never done. This team is often faced with some of the most heart-wrenching and serious issues affecting homeless pets today.

To offset the realities of the job, the PetSmart Charities team gets together a few times a year for group events to celebrate their shared successes. It's a time for them to reflect on how coming to work everyday makes a real difference to pets through adoption, emergency relief, spay/neuter programs and education.

PetSmart Charities has approximately 25 associates and each one is a proud Pet Parent. Combined, they have over 100 pets, most of which were either rescued or adopted – that's an average of 4 pets per person! While it's not a requirement that everyone who works at PetSmart be a Pet Parent, you can see that PetSmart Charities loves pets!

Looking to join the PetSmart Charities team?

This is one impressive bunch. A number of the associates on this team have been in the animal welfare field for more than 20 years and have developed programs commonly used in shelters today, such as the Denver Dumb Friends League and American Humane Association. Professionals who want to join this team need to have a strong understanding of fundraising, marketing, and communications skills related to charitable giving. Interested candidates will also need to understand the animal welfare field, the issues it faces and its trends.

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When you join the PetSmart Finance team, you'll be helping every department in the company to get "the most bang for their buck." Working hand-in-hand with other PetSmart corporate departments, Finance plans and analyzes business trends and manages expenses.

These are the folks who show the rest of the business the cause and effect of any action they're considering. And, they work hard to steer PetSmart associates toward the right decisions while understanding what their internal business partners need to accomplish their goals. As you can imagine, Finance is an influential group.

What's it like to work in the Finance department?

The retail world is fast-paced. It's Finance's job to get accurate information to PetSmart associates quickly. They're here to move PetSmart forward, not slow it down. It is a disciplined environment, but one where flexibility and creativity are critical.

Finance is a great department for independent professionals. Associates in this group really "own" the projects they work with, so it's important to be ready and able to take projects and run with them. When projects lead you to unexpected results, you are encouraged to share your experiences since the Finance team is always looking for ways to improve the way things are done.

Looking to join the Finance team?

While Finance has the occasional need for people with specific skills, like math and statistics, the key asset needed is the ability to communicate clearly and concisely. Here's a snapshot of the qualities candidates seeking employment at PetSmart should possess:

  • Analytical skills to think strategically
  • Attention to detail
  • Ability to embrace change – it's constant
  • Ability to anticipate and address business needs

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Information Systems (I.S.)

Imagine all of the things that go on within the walls of PetSmart every day – from in-store transactions to the need for new software and laptops. Now picture the amount and variety of technological resources required to support each and every one of those functions. The I.S. team designs, builds and maintains all of the technology that supports PetSmart operations. In short, this team provides the business end-to-end technology solutions that allow our business to function.

What's it like to work in the I.S. department?

Systems for organizations are complex, so it's no surprise working in the PetSmart I.S. department is exciting and challenging, too. Team members work hand-in-hand with every other PetSmart department to make sure associates have the solutions they need to solve business problems.

This department maintains a fast-paced environment. Associates work hard to keep the lines of communication open. Professionals must be confident in their knowledge of technology and have the ability to "take charge" of projects they're working on.

The I.S. management team works hard to make sure every associate understands the overall goals and strategies of PetSmart and how their work contributes to accomplishing individual and corporate goals. Every I.S. team member makes a difference for our business and ultimately our Pet Parents.

Looking to join the IS team?

First and foremost, it's important for candidates to be self-starting, problem-solvers. You should also be comfortable acting as a leader, working on a team and working independently because every project requires a different approach. Candidates should also be passionate about information systems and up-to-speed on the latest happenings in the world of business technology.

I.S. candidates must be able to:

  • Manage multiple projects effectively
  • Present solutions to complex problems
  • Collaborate with other associates across all business functions
  • Process information quickly
  • Be proactive

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With over 1,000 PetSmart stores across the U.S. and Canada and more on the way, there are always new challenges and opportunities facing the Legal team. They're staffed with a group of talented and dedicated legal professionals who constantly strive to come up with the best solutions for managing any legal matter.

What's it like to work in the PetSmart Legal department?

This team is relaxed and focused, but they take their work seriously. They're always working on a project; this team's goal is to achieve excellence in everything they do, yet they manage to have fun at the same time. Collaboration and creativity are encouraged. While members of the Legal team work together to achieve common goals, they also appreciate the unique skills each person in the department contributes and applaud their individual achievements.

Looking to join the Legal team?

If you understand the importance of this quote from Norman S. Hilde, you might be a good fit for the PetSmart Legal team: "A group becomes a team when each member is sure enough of himself and his contribution to praise the skill of the others."

Associates on the legal team must be able to:

  • Work well with others
  • Complete thorough research
  • Serve as an advisor
  • Manage multiple projects
  • Stay up-to-date on the most recent legal decisions that pertain to the business

Associates on this team should be dedicated, self-motivated, have a sincere interest in professional growth and be able to adapt easily to an ever-changing agenda. And don't be afraid to learn!

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Every great company begins with a compelling story. It's the storytellers behind the scenes at PetSmart whose boundless imagination and creativity not only tell, but also vividly illustrate what our strong brand stands for. The Marketing team conveys the "Be Better Together" brand promise –combining the value of our products with a desire to delight pets and Pet Parents. They are laser-focused on maintaining the integrity of our brand, which forms the foundation for the strategies they employ.

The Marketing team distills lots of analytical data down to what matters and then uses those findings to determine how PetSmart can differentiate its brand into one people can interact with and enjoy. They listen to the voice of the customer every day to keep their collective fingers on the pulse of the marketplace.

What's it like to work in PetSmart Marketing?

The Marketing team exists in a casual, creative and energy-filled environment that relies on a solid business principles and accountability. The focus is always on outcomes versus activities; therefore actions must be tied to measurable goals. And though this group collaborates by joining cross-functional teams to better understand the business and deliver better results, there's always an opportunity to shine by producing a big idea.

Looking to join the PetSmart Marketing team?

Successful candidates need to have the ability to see the big picture for long-term planning yet be ale to act quickly to suit the demands of a rapidly-changing marketplace. If you like variety, PetSmart Marketing might be for you. Each day is different so you'll rarely experience the same day twice while working on this team. Marketing team members value teamwork, learning and problem-solving. Candidates need to be familiar with retails marketing trends and understand how PetSmart fits within the specialty retail industry.

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If you're one of those Pet Parents who walks into a PetSmart store and wants to jump up and down in delight over the vast array of quality products stocked from floor to ceiling, then you can thank the Merchandising department for the abundance of great choices. The Merchandising team is responsible for choosing products, figuring out how much they'll cost and then negotiating to reduce the cost. They also remove products when they're no longer of value to Pet Parents.

This group is the main link between PetSmart and our pet supply vendors. They learn about products to understand their value to pets and get them on our shelves. That means working strategically to choose products that will drive sales and enhance the lives of pets and Pet Parents.

What's it like to work in the Merchandising department?

It's a fast-paced, collaborative, creative and fun environment fueled by a team of people who interact with other associates and outside vendors. The merchandising landscape is constantly changing – there are always new products to assess and old ones to re-evaluate – so the ability to keep up is important. While the procedures in place are followed, creative juices are really encouraged to flow!

Looking to join the Merchandising team?

The department believes hiring the right people to do the right jobs builds a team of empowered associates. If you're curious about the skill sets, personalities, expertise and other talents you'll need to succeed on the Merchandising team, here's a quick list:

  • Proficient in computer applications and systems
  • Detail-oriented
  • Analytical

In addition, associates should communicate well, feel comfortable working in cross-functional teams that are results- and leadership-driven and be enthusiastic to grow the business. And don't forget to bring your positive attitude!

Think the PetSmart Merchandising team is for you? Search for available positions within this group.

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Store Operations

As one of the nation's leading retailers, what happens inside of each PetSmart store is critical to the company's success. It's up to the Store Operations team to see that Pet Parents truly enjoy the experience of shopping at a PetSmart store. To consistently delight the customer, this team focuses on making stores easier to run, which translates into loyal, happy customers.

What's it like to work in the Store Operations department?

Members of the Store Operations team thrive in the fast-paced and exciting environment. Collaboration is the name of the game. Store Operations manages so many aspects of running our stores, they interact daily with almost all of the other departments inside the PetSmart Store Support Group. These elements contribute to the team's well-organized and highly-accountable environment that is demanding but also very rewarding. After all, this team's accomplishments are evident to anyone who steps inside a PetSmart store.

Looking to join the PetSmart Store Operations team?

This team is always looking for candidates who are strong-willed, creative, passionate and knowledgeable about all aspects of the retail store environment.

To be a member of the Store Operations team, you must be able to:

  • Understand the retail environment
  • Manage multiple projects
  • Focus on operating efficiencies
  • Meet tight deadlines and have excellent time management skills

If you are interested in analyzing service performance issues, helping to improve operations within the retail environment and are passionate about customer service, the PetSmart Store Operations team may be for you.

Think the PetSmart Store Operations team is for you? Search for available positions within this group.

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Human Resources

The PetSmart Human Resources department manages associate relations at PetSmart. This active group handles and supports everything related to prospective and current associates, such as: recruiting, total rewards (benefits and compensation), organizational development and training – just to name a few areas. Established processes are the backbone of this well-run People team and enable the team to:

  • Work hard to find and hire pet enthusiasts for our stores, distribution centers and Store Support Group
  • Research and implement compensation trends so PetSmart offers associates competitive compensation packages
  • Provide training to associates so they are armed with the tools and information necessary to succeed in their positions and develop career paths for moving up within the organization
  • Manage benefits so associates have access to the best policies for health care coverage, paid time off, and retirement.

What's it like to work in the Human Resources department?

This service organization promotes and practices 24/7 collaboration - sharing feedback, information and opinions is always welcome in the People department. This team works hard to hire the right people and then empowers them to do their jobs. And they're big on results: company goals are clearly communicated to everyone on this team and individual goals, which the team is serious about meeting, are set from there. This diverse group is dedicated to embracing and sharing the PetSmart culture while valuing each other as individuals.

Looking to join the PetSmart Human Resources team?

The best candidates for the Human Resources department enjoy being part of a team and are passionate about customer service. They have a wide range of skills and education. If you're interested in joining this team, you should be up to the challenge of working in a fun, fast-paced, pet-loving and rewarding work environment.

Think the PetSmart Human Resources team is for you? Search for available positions within this group.

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Real Estate

How does PetSmart determine the next best location to place a store? The Real Estate team is responsible for researching any market where PetSmart is considering opening a store. Once the location is locked in, the project really heats up as the team negotiates leases, arranges for construction and fixtures and merchandising to bring the store to life. This team also manages remodel projects for any stores that are being updated and takes care of facilities or property management issues.

What's it like to work in the Real Estate department?

The Real Estate group works in a relaxed and fun, yet challenging and fast-paced environment. It's a collaborative environment that emphasizes teamwork, customer service, continuous improvement and managing costs.

The team's management style is open and engaged which helps associates understand how their individual job goals tie in to the goals of PetSmart as a whole. It's a great place for people with almost any skill level to develop and have the chance to work many different jobs. That translates into lots of opportunity to advance your career.

Looking to join the PetSmart Real Estate team?

Associates on this team have skill sets and education in many different areas. Real Estate Candidates interested in making a positive impact on this multifaceted team may have special real estate experience in areas, such as: property and facilities management, development, architecture, construction and energy management.

Their group also needs the traditional business professionals with procurement, finance, accounting, market research and store operations experience.

Think the PetSmart Real Estate team is for you? Search for available positions within this group.

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Supply Chain

Getting the right product to the right place at the right time; that's a quick summary of what the PetSmart Supply Chain team does. This team coordinates transportation to and from Distribution Centers located across the country to replenish the inventory in each PetSmart store.

They rely on state-of-the-art warehouse management, transportation management, labor management, slotting systems and highly skilled people to oversee operations. The Supply Chain team is made up of Distribution, Transportation, Supply Chain Solutions (a systems support team for Distribution Centers, engineering, process improvement and special projects), Replenishment, and Safety team members. This organization works on a variety of strategic, high-impact projects that make a difference for the business.

What's it like to work in the Supply Chain department?

This department is casual but also very focused on getting the job done and getting it done right. That means collaborating with vendors, carriers, stores, and departments within PetSmart to solve problems and make decisions. Travel is sometimes required to make sure these collaborations are successful, but it's balanced with time in the office. Supply Chain members are always focused on strategic projects that provide customer support and solutions to get them done. Team members have what it takes to deliver the consistent, reliable service that makes PetSmart stores easier to run.

Looking to join the Supply Chain team?

If you are a dynamic person who is always ready for a new challenge then this team is for you. Supply Chain organization associates have a diverse mix of backgrounds and education from business to finance and industrial engineering. Well-rounded candidates are encouraged to apply.

Think the PetSmart Supply Chain team is for you? Search for available positions within this group.

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