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Associate Quotes


left quoteTo be successful at PetSmart, a person must love pets and interacting with Pet Parents to listen to their questions and be able to provide a helpful solution. right quote

- John with Sydney, Senior PetsHotel Pet Care Specialist


left quoteFor a person to be successful at PetSmart they must have a passion for pets, a willingness to support their team and the drive to do what is best for our stores, the Pet Parents and the Pets we serve. right quote

- Jessie with Blu, Process Improvement Manager


left quoteOur entire organization – from associates, to Pet Parents and PetSmart Charities – is tremendously supportive of Pet communities all over the US. Because of the adoption network there are hundreds of thousands of Pets whose lives are saved every year. right quote

- Daniel, Presentation Manager


left quoteCharacteristics a person must have to be successful at PetSmart include enthusiasm, goal oriented and a desire to achieve. right quote

- Amy with Boswell and Annie, Senior Replenishment Analyst


left quoteA person must be friendly, hardworking, and compassionate to succeed at PetSmart. I get the biggest sense of pride when the Pet Parents tell me that they're so glad that they can leave their pets with the people they trust: PetSmart associates.right quote

- Sara, PetsHotel Pet Care Specialist


left quoteThe characteristics a person must have to be successful at PetSmart would be passion, integrity and dedication. Achieving success in an ethical, commendable way and never losing sight of the customer's needs.right quote

- Ryan, Merchandising Systems Manager


left quoteThe advice I would give to anyone interested working at PetSmart is: If you love animals and the people the animals own, this job is for you!right quote

- Jan, Pet Care Specialist


left quotePetSmart supports the community in a variety of ways: from helping Pet Parents to achieve stable homes for pets through the United Way or PetSmart Charities' Rescue Waggin'. right quote

- Lori with Lily, Director Product Development / International Sourcing


left quoteAs someone who grew up with pets, my family and I made frequent trips to PetSmart where we always had great experiences. When given the opportunity to grow my career at PetSmart, the decision was easy because I really believe in the company's values and stand behind its products and services. right quote

- Mili with Taj, Talent Acquisition Support Supervisor


left quoteWhat I enjoy most about working for Pet Smart is the interaction I get to have every day with the dogs. No matter how good or bad a day is there is always that sweet dog that lets you hug him and make him look great.right quote

- Tracy with Charlie, Salon Manager


left quoteWhen you have an idea or work on a project and see it actually put into practice it instills a great sense of ownership and pride. Anyone at any level of the business can make this kind of difference; it doesn't have to come from the top down.right quote

- Mary, Replenishment Analyst


left quoteI chose PetSmart as a place to work because I love interacting with animals. It's rewarding when Pet Parents return to the store just to thank me for helping them provide solutions for their pets! right quote

- Diane, Lead Cashier


left quoteI am working at my "dream job" doing strategic marketing for an area in which I am truly passionate. I started at PetSmart in 2002 and it's been an even greater experience than I had thought it would be. right quote

- Joice with Teddy, Marketing Director, Services and Customer Experience


left quotePetSmart supports its community by ensuring that PetSmart Charities stays active in providing help and resources to rescue agencies in need. right quote

- Christina, Dog Bather/Brusher


left quoteAdvice I give to my friends who want to work at PetSmart is to take a look at the vast amount of jobs we offer. Many people are surprised to see all of the positions we have to offer.right quote

- Robert, Applications Developer II


left quoteIt's neat to see the pets that come into the PetsHotel regularly grow up before my eyes, and knowing that I contributed to their health and happiness gives me a great sense of pride. right quote

- Megan with Chloe, PetsHotel Guest Services Associate


left quoteI know I'm making a difference in a pets and Pet Parents' lives with my knowledge to provide Total Lifetime CareSM. right quote

- Albert, Operations Manager


left quoteAdvice that I would give to others if they were interested in working for PetSmart is "Go for it!" PetSmart has a great vision, the associates and managers are welcoming and have an open door policy, and PetSmart supports opportunities for growth and development.right quote

- Adrianna, Business Analyst


left quotePetSmart's culture provides "peace of mind" for our pet parents, while building long-lasting relationships with our guests. right quote

- Ben, PetsHotel Manager

Amanda with Freddie

left quoteIf you're interested in working at PetSmart, my advice for a first step of application would be to spend some time in our stores. When you're there, notice the relationship that people have with their pets and think about what you can do to help strengthen that relationship. right quote

- Amanda with Freddie, Marketing Manager, PetsHotels and Pet Training


left quotePetSmart supports its associates by working hard and continually raising the bar for itself as an organization and an employer. PetSmart works hard on making sure it brings the best personnel on-board and maintains a world-class working environment. right quote

- Himanshu, Manager, Data Services


left quoteThis organization's culture can be defined as a group that has a very strong passion for pets. PetSmart is dedicated to giving Pet Parents product and service solutions they need to care for their pets, and this dedication is apparent in our associates. right quote

- Ron, Store Manager

Stefan with Jasmine

left quoteWorking at PetSmart, I enjoy coming to work knowing that there will be a new challenge every day and that I really am making a difference at improving the Pet Parent's shopping experience and making the stores easier to operate.right quote

- Stefan with Jasmine, Manager, Store Process Development


left quoteEveryone that works here has the same goal of providing Total Lifetime Care for pets which drives each initiative that we work on.right quote

- Jeremy with Ollie and Jake, Process Improvement Manager

Sara Martinez

left quoteStaying with a company so long isn't the norm anymore, but I like my job so much that I don't even think about going somewhere else.right quote

- Sara with Daisy, Senior Event Analyst


left quoteMy current position as PetsHotel Manager has offered me the professional challenge of starting up and managing a Hotel as well as making sure the pets receive exceptional care and the Pet Parents are satisfied and comfortable at all times!right quote

- Becky, PetsHotel Manager


left quoteWhat's great about PetSmart is being confident that I'll continue to grow here. There are so many opportunities for me to continue to advance.right quote

- Jennifer with Chunk and Pepe, Director of Store Operations Planning


left quoteThe College Recruit Program provided me a solid starting point in the stores and provided me the opportunity to explore other careers both as a field and SSG associate.right quote

- Danielle with Tanszi, Store Project Alignment Manager


left quoteI love the opportunities to develop individuals as well as teams. Put that together with pets and it's the perfect place for me.right quote

- Jan with Chloe and Boomer, Regional Vice President


left quoteBeing a Pet Training Instructor has allowed me to help strengthen the relationships between dogs and their Pet Parents, which is very fulfilling and rewarding. right quote

- Ricky with Charly, Pet Training Instructor


left quoteI chose to work at PetSmart because I love to see the healthy, happy pets that come into our stores on a daily basis. right quote

- Brian, Pet Products Associate


left quoteA word of advice for anyone interested in working for PetSmart, Love your job as much as you love your pets.right quote

- Chad with Owen, Business Development Operations Manager


left quoteI love interacting with all the different animals that visit us at the stores - it helps us take care of each and every one of their Pet Parents. right quote

- Gary, Support Manager